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Journal of Michael C. Haines B.S.,A.M.S.

Meteorologist Michael...WHAT!?

30 January
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(((A.M.S. = Atmospheric Meteorologist Society))) I cant wait till i earn my credentials, so i can write those professional letters after my last name!!!
a New Journal for basically a new me. I am in college now over in Auburn Hills, fighting the good fight, Which is me, Trying to stay ahead of my game while i am earning my master's in science, for a career in Meteorology, or what some would call "A Weather Man." I am still dating thee lovely Andrea Weinman, who i might add is also in college, for a science degree, but she wants to teach...hmm. You'd think it would be nice to date a teacher, but shes too busy for my shit. Hopefully, I will maintain a high GPA so that i might get a scholarship into UofM, if not i can always get my ma to hook it up....yuh!!:) lol
I Live in Troy Now and let me tell you, nothing but greatness there, and all those tall buildings make me feel like i am living in detroit, but without the ghettoness. Troy is a thousand times better then any other place i've lived, hands down the best place in metro detroit.

My biggest goal in my career is to become a field researcher/scientist for the United States Government, or for a high paying private/ university job. My basic dream is to study the wonderful imagination that mother-nature presents us, and to be able to help the world be a safer place with higher warning systems/methods, but basically i just want to chase the most EXTREME storms. Storms that you would run from!
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